Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Van Van Spiritual Supplies and Van Van Hoodoo Spells

Van Van is one of the most commonly used and requested hoodoo formulas available. It's lemony vibrant scent let's you know that it contains lemongrass - the quintessential ingredient to remove negativity, attract influential people and lend you luck with love and money. Van Van products are great to use when you want a general product that does over-all good and is applicable to multiple magical goals like success, love and money.

Van Van includes a complete line of spiritual products: Van Van Oil, Van Van Herb Bath, Van Van Powder, Van Van Candle - Setting of Lights and Van Van Mojo Bag.

Van Van Spiritual Products for Love, Money, Luck and Cleansing

Van Van OilVan Van Oil is great for dispelling negativity and drawing luck with money and love. Made with lemongrass oil, Van Van Oil is a classic recipe from New Orleans use for all kind of positive magical work. Dress yellow candles with Van Van Oil and burn them on top of a petition for love, money or luck. Dab a bit of Van Van Oil on the corners of your bed for a restful sleep free from any negative vibrations. Put a bit of Van Van Oil on a lucky rabbit's foot for luck with gambling, money or love. Buy Van Van Oil today!

Van Van Herb BathVan Van Herb Bath is perfect for removing negativity and drawing general positivity with love, money and luck. Take a Van Van Herb Bath before any spell work as a general cleansing and to boost your personal energy with your spell. Sprinkle the liquid from a Van Van Herb Bath around the home to dispel negative vibrations, draw in positivity and refresh the home. You can take the left over herbs after making a batch of Van Van Herb Bath and sprinkle them out in your garden to surround the home in positive energy too. Buy Van Van Herb Bath today!

Van Van Powder
Van Van Powder can be used in spell work or on your body as a way of cleansing away negativity and drawing influential people, good luck in money and love. Dress yellow candles with Van Van Oil and dust them with Van Van Powder then burn them for good luck with money and love. After taking a Van Van Herb Bath, dress your body with Van Van Powder and head out to a social event to meet people of influence. You can also dust business cards with Van Van Powder for good luck, or dust your hands with Van Van Powder to win big when gambling. Buy Van Van Powder today!

Van Van Mojo Bag
A Van Van Mojo Bag is a great magical tool to carry on your body to attract love, money, influential people and good vibrations. Carry a Van Van Mojo Bag when engaging in business deals for a fortunate outcome. Wear a Van Van Mojo Bag when gambling to have a run of good luck and win big. Place a Van Van Mojo Bag in your desk at work to keep a positive work environment and stave of any negative feelings from coworkers. Buy a Van Van Mojo Bag today!

Van Van Candle: Setting of LightsVan Van Candle Setting of Lights is a service we offer at Dr. E. Products where we burn a Van Van Candle with your petition and photo to help you dispel negative energy, draw people of influence and draw good luck with money and love. Purchase a Van Van Candle - Setting of Lights today!

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