Monday, May 19, 2008

Upcoming Blends

I'm currently working on a few Hoodoo Condition Oil blends including:

Sugar Daddy - to attract generous men
Lucky 777 - for gambling luck
Secure Finances - to make money STAY with you

Recent formulas I've just created:
Good Job - to attract a good job or steady employment
Love me NOW! - a compelling love blend

I'm also thinking about offering magical powders. They are often used in conjure work and are relatively unfamiliar to practitioners of European or Wiccan magic, but they are very crafty to use and very effective. You can use powders to dress papers that you send to companies for a job to get them to employ you, or to compel them to abide by your will. You can also sprinkle powders in the tracks of those you wish to affect (either for positive or attack purposes.) It is also common to blow powders toward the target of your magical attack.

They are a bit of a mess to make, but a great trick to use in magic. If you're interested in possibly purchasing or using powders in your magical work, please leave a comment on this posting and let me know.

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