Thursday, June 5, 2008

Making Money Last

One of the techniques for making money last that my hoodoo teacher passed on to me are "Money Stay With Me" spells. These are used in conjunction with Money Draw spells so that your income goes up, your spending goes down and your savings account balance grows.

Last night, in order to supplement some of my money draw workings, I decided to set a lite to "Secure Finances". I took a green vigil candle and cleaned it with a paper towel moistened with ammonia in order to cleanse any residual energy off of it. I then got on my computer and printed out images that symbolize secure finances to me (Safes filled with cash, stacks of $100 bills with chains and locks secured around them, etc.) and I also printed out a photo of myself facing forward. I cut all of these out and collaged them onto the vigil candle (glass encased) using some tacky glue. I made sure to put my portrait facing forward front and center.

While the glue dried, I created a name paper with the phrase "Money Loves Me. Money Stays with Me" written 9 times on it in one direction, crossed 9 times by my name. I drew dollar symbols and arrows pointing inward toward my criss-crossed words at the four corners. I dressed the name paper in a 5-spot pattern with "Secure Finances" oil that I formulated and made earlier. I folded it toward me three times and taped it to the bottom back of the candle.

Next, I took a skewer and poked three holes from the top of the wax down as deep as I possibly could. One of the holes traced down the front edge of the wax, through the top of my portrait's head, through my heart, down into the money image that was glued on below my portrait. I then dressed the candle with "Secure Finances" hoodoo condition oil, and sprinkled some chamomile flowers, dried thyme and sassafras on the top of the candle making sure to get some in the holes I poked along with the oil.

As I prayed over the candle, "the spirit" told me to add a small lodestone to the candle to draw continued finances and hold them tight. I added it on the top of the candle and continued to pray "Money loves me. Money stays with me. Finances grow. Finances secured." I finished my prayer "In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit" then tapped it three times on the table top to seal the candle.

I lit the wick and watched the candle for a bit. It's quite a trip to see a flame burning above the image of your own face, as if you were lighting a saint candle to the patron saint of finances. It was a very powerful image. The flame was small at first, but steady, and as the pool of wax formed, the flame grew taller and stronger. Looking down into the pool of molten wax, the herbs would circulate in it, being drawn around by the rise and fall of warming and cooling wax. It was great to watch.

This morning, the candle was burning strong and steady, and very clean. That's a good sign.


Anonymous said...

Hey that's a great spell I really like it, thanks for sharing. I'm working with a green vigil candle now that I prepared for steady work, it's been burning since Sunday night strong and clean.

Here's to success in both our efforts.

Carolina Dean

Dr. E. said...

My candle had a nice clean burn and worked! How did yours come out?

Anonymous said...

I got a new job on June 20th and boy is that work steady. Today I worked from 10am to 6:30 pm and all I got was a 10 minute break.

Next time, I'll be a little more

If you're interested I wrote about it extensively in my own blog Sex, Magick, & the City.

Carolina Dean

Anonymous said...

Awesome! I like to make my own collage novena's too, but I like your spin of putting your (or another's) photo on there. Thanks for sharing.