Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Forcing a Deadbeat Dad to Pay

Anyone can have a child, but not everyone can be a parent. A client came to me regarding her ex, the father of her daughter, who owes her thousands of dollars in back child support money. She justly has a court judgment against him and his excuse was that he was unemployed, but my client knew he was simply making money under the table in order to prevent it from being garnished. She came to me desperate and wanted to force his hand to pay out the money she justly deserved.

This presented me with an interesting situation. "Pay me NOW!" spells are one thing, but legal spells are another - so in a sense, this spell had to incorporate aspects of both. Here was my approach to the situation.

First, I prepared a 7-day candle for her. Normally, for money issues you would use green, but since this was a legal issue, I decided to use brown. I made her a bottle of my Pay me NOW! oil for her to drip into the top of the candle after she has poked a few holes in it with a skewer. I also blended together a "Deadbeat Dad" sachet powder that is composed of finely ground herbs and roots including calendula, little john to chew, calamus and bayberry along with other herbs. She can put a pinch or three of the sachet powder in the top of the candle prior to burning it. I also told her to get a copy of the father's photo and cut it out of the background and glue it to the front of the candle so she can "burn him through" and compel him to pay. I prepared a name paper, dressed with Pay me NOW! oil and folded it up for her to place under the candle as it burns.

The next step was for her to use the rest of the "Deadbeat Dad" sachet powder to dust any correspondences she sends to him and to set it up such that if the new wife gets her hands on the letters, she will become sympathetic to my client's situation. If the father gets the letters he'll get the powders on him and be compelled to pay his back child support.

As I was formulating this spell, I was praying over the situation and asking my spirits for assistance, and lo and behold, 1 hour later my client e-mailed me. She was so excited because before she even did any magical working, the father dropped by and gave her a check for back money and told her to call him if she ever needed any money from him for their daughter. She was so excited she decided to call me Merlin! hehe. I told her to still continue as planned to do the working to make sure he follows through on his word.


Anonymous said...

That's amazing, that you got such good results by the power of prayer and perhaps even instilling confidence and peace of mind in your client as well.

I can't tell you how many times I myself had planned a spell or ritual to address an issue only to have the issue resolve itself before I had a chance to do anything.

With prayer and affirmation, it seems that a little goes a long way to change one's attitude and shift one's perception of an issue or situation into alignment with your vision.

Carolina Dean

Unknown said...

Thats the type of magic that they need to be doing movies about

Dr. E. said...

If anyone wants to do a movie about conjure feel free to contact me! ;-)

Anonymous said...


unique said...

I need help, i loan a guy sone money. He told me i can trust him, told me he remembers those who helped him, said he's an honorable person & i will get my money back next day Well next day came & went. He ignore all my calls then changed his number. I see him on social network but he blocked me, this was in November. I tried the money back spell wuth the green devil candel but nothing. Im very angry i want payback & my money

little lightening bolt said...

Well unique could the lesson you learned be the payback you deserved?