Friday, September 12, 2008

Restructuring my Product Line?

I'm currently looking at restructuring my line of products at At the moment I offer many different Hoodoo Condition Oils, and many soaps, but some other basics are missing. What I'm thinking of doing is reducing down some of the oils that I offer - maybe rotating them out of the mix for a while - and replacing their slots with other items like magical bath salts, powders, spell kits or standardized mojo bags.

Powders are an area that have great magical application. You can sprinkle them in someone's track, blow them in their direction, add pinches of them to mojo bags, roll candles in them, use them to dust your body after a magical bath, dress letters with them and mail them to unsuspecting targets and more. The problem is that they are very messy to make and I would have to make batches of them in advance. I think the best route would be to make a few (maybe 5) different blends that have common usage and then offer those as a test run.

I'm thinking of adding the following blends: Road Opener, Goofer Dust, Crossing or Jinx, Boss Fix, Good Job, Commanding or Bend Over.

What are your feelings on them?


Unknown said...

At this point the "Road Opener"and "Bend Over"seem to be attracting the most interest here. Any further details on what the desired effects might be?

Dr. E. said...

Road Opener helps get obstacles out of your way. Often folks just keep running into setbacks on their plans, and Road Opener helps make it easier to pursue your goals with success. Bend Over is a controlling/commanding blend that makes your targeted person defer to you like a servant obeying a master.

Unknown said...

dr.e : Your description
of the anticipated end results of using both Road Opener and
Bend Over met my expectations for the desired outcome.
Coach John