Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Testimonial - Fixing Slander in the Workplace

I recently had a pleasant gentleman approach me to assist him with a situation at work where his coworkers were slandering his good name, accusing him of threatening them with violence and more. This client - we'll call him Henry - had such a quiet and shy demeanor it would be completely impossible to imagine him as ever being violent, and yet there was action taken against him by the human resources department at work.

He came to me with the desire to save or improve his job situation, and to stop the slander. I created a custom mojo to deflect any negativity sent at him, and to gain the respect and admiration of his coworkers. Along with his mojo, he received a bottle of Success and Eloquence oil to succeed in arguing his situation at work in his favor.

Henry recently wrote me back explaining what had transpired in the last month. Below is his direct testimonial:

Hello Dr. E.,

I have been wanting to update you on how my problem got finally solved ... I was called with an offer to be transferred to another department and work in another program permanently, they also notified me that the result of their "Investigation" was closed because they found that I was not at fault and the accusations had no merit.

I accepted the transfer and on August 9th I started working for a new department, in the same employee status as I was before but with different duties that are required. Now, I work closely with a group of 15 people in my area. 4 people do the same thing I do which is front desk reception, and registering clients.

ALL of my coworkers are very friendly and they all treat me with respect. The work atmosphere in this office is as different as day and night compared to my other office. No one curses in my office!! Well a couple of people do, but only once in a blue moon. No one is backstabbing each other and the supervisors are so much more flexible than the ones at my other place.

Well, all I can say is that despite being so super, super busy at this new job, I do feel much more relaxed every day that I go into work and also at the end of the day, I do not come out of there stressed out. I am so blessed and happy to have this job.

Despite having gone through such a stressful episode, I did technically get a month's paid vacation in a weird sense, and also I got to start a new life now at this job.

Every morning I make sure that my "mojo" is in my pocket and I do try to anoint it at least every week. I also meditate a few minutes before I go to work. Needless to say, I don't think I will ever have a bad day like every day that I had at my other job.

I want to thank you so much again for all your help, Your prayers and all my family's prayers helped me in getting through this situation in one piece. I am really happy and grateful for all the help I received.


PS. If I ever have a friend that needs a lot of help, I hope you don't mind me recommending you. You do great work!!

This is the reason I love Hoodoo so much. It gives reliable, powerful results to better peoples' lives. Real problems, real powerful magic, real solutions.

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