Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Keep the Law Away Spells

Let's be honest, not everyone is a law-abiding citizen. In fact, there are many people out there who scrape by in tough times by having to "bend" the law a little bit. Be it a few potted plants that the government doesn't look kindly upon, or a few under-the-table deals to save you taxes in the end - we all skirt the law somehow. Even speeding in your car is illegal, so don't act like you're innocent!

For all those times where you need to keep the police out of your business, there are Keep the Law Away spells. Below are a few that many of you will find incredibly useful.

Indian Head Cent to Protect the Home
The Indian Head penny has always been a protective amulet. It is said that the Indian Spirit Guide will keep watch and warn you if any danger approaches. You can plant one at each corner of your property with the faces looking out. Additionally, you can nail a row of them across the top of your front door. Typically 9 are used in this fashion. In either case, dress the coins with Police Stay Away! oil (or some other Law Stay Away oil).

Foot Track Magic - To Keep the Police Away
If you can get your hands on a fresh footprint from a police officer in dirt, you are golden! Take a spade and very carefully lift the footprint up out of the dirt. Mix it with Hot Foot Powder or just salt and pepper in a pinch, and then turn the foot around so it is now "walking away" from your home and plant it back down on the earth.

Police Stay Away! Mojo for Your Car or Home
I live in Southern California - the home of speeding! One of the best mojos you can keep in your car is one made of "Keep the Law Away" type herbs. These include fennel seed, oregano and others. I'd also include an Indian Head cent for good measure and cascara sagrada (for help with the law). Dress this mojo bag with Police Stay Away! Oil and keep it either under the driver's seat or in the glove box. Make sure to feed it weekly to keep it strong. You can also blend in some Police Stay Away! Oil into your tire dressing and give your car's tires a good rub down with that oil so that the police never follow you or even perceive your activities. Similarly, you could prepare a mojo with the same ingredients and plant it in your backyard to secure your home from the police if you're doing anything a bit questionable there.

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