Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Spell to Get a Promotion

Financially speaking, one of the most important things to do is either secure your existing job, get a better paying position at your company or get a better job outright. Many folks think that the current economy makes getting a better or new job impossible, but this isn't the case with a little hoodoo on your side.

I recently did some work for a client to assist him in getting a promotion at work, or even a better job. It was a two-step working involving a mojo bag and a candle spell to Saint Expedite.

Mojo Bag for a Promotion
Mojo bags are a great way to carry powerful magical influences on you without anyone knowing. This particular mojo bag was a combination of curios to secure a good job including Gravel Root in the mix, along with one item added to gain the admiration of your coworkers - a variation on the Get a Job Mojo Bag I sell. The result was a simple three-item mojo bag that not only secures a better job for you, but also makes it so that your bosses love you and see you favorably for a promotion

St. Expedite Candle Spell for a Better Job
Saint Expedite is the go-to saint for quick results. The thing is that you cannot ask him for anything evil or hurtful. He was a soldier in the Roman army - and like the soliders of his time, he worked for pay in the form of food. Saint Expedite is petitioned for FAST results in a spell, and once you see the results he is rewarded with a slice of good old fashioned pound cake.

In this case I opted for a green candle (to represent money, job and finances) and I dressed it with a combination of Saint Expedite Oil and Good Job Oil. The client himself prayed over it and held it up to the heavens calling upon Saint Expedite to quickly bring him a promotion at work or a better job (with the end result of more money). I also prayed to Saint Expedite, promising him his wages when he was to complete his work. We set the light, and I sent the client home with his mojo bag and a bottle of Good Job Oil to keep feeding the bag each week.

The Results - A PROMOTION!
Two weeks later, my client texted me "Can I come by tonight after work with a pound cake?" I was thrilled! Saint Expedite delivered. My client ended up being promoted to a management position and will be receiving his own store to manage when a new location opens up.

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