Monday, June 15, 2009

Uncrossing Ritual in the Graveyard

Uncrossing in the Graveyard
The spirits of the dead are powerful allies for getting magical work done - especially crossing someone up. Similarly, they can be employed for uncrossing someone - if you bring the right payment. This uncrossing is done in a graveyard at the dark moon at midnight.

First dress in old clothes that you don't mind throwing away (they are going to be destroyed as part of this process). In a bag, take with you a set of new, clean, white clothes, a full bottle of whiskey, three silver dimes, nine pennies, a bottle of Fiery Protection Oil and a white candle. Don't forget to bring something to light that candle with.

Wear your old clothes, and on the night of the dark moon, close to midnight, head to the graveyard. As you approach the graveyard, leave the nine pennies at the gate for the spirit that owns the graveyard, asking for permission to enter to do this work. If you receive any kind of negative sign, then leave immediately, otherwise enter and find the oldest grave in the lot. Stand upon that grave and call upon the spirit of the person buried there by calling their name nine times and ask for their assistance in taking the evil that has been placed upon you. If you get a feeling of confirmation, then proceed as follows.

At midnight, set the candle at the base of the headstone and light it saying "(spirit's name) I offer you this vigil light to illuminate your spirit and give you strength. This candle light, this dead light, I give to feed your soul. Devour this evil off of me. Uncross me and remove this condition from my life." Place the three dimes in a triangular shape around the candle and say "I gratefully pay you with these silver dimes for the assistance in breaking this condition off of me."

Lay down on the grave with your head at the headstone (with the candle directly above your head - watch your hair) and say, "As I lay upon your grave devour this evil, consume the curses that have been laid upon me and let them rot in the graves here." Lay there for a few minutes and feel the spirit sucking the evil off of you and draining it down into the earth. Then in one quick movement stand up and say "In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost, REMOVE this CONDITION FROM ME!!!" and rip all of your clothes off of you. It might help to cut little starter rips near the hems of your clothes. You really want to shred the clothes off of you - ripping the spell that was cast upon you into nothingness. As you tear, pray with power and great emotion saying "I DESTROY THIS CURSE BY THE POWER OF THIS SPIRIT HERE! DEVOUR AND CONSUME IT. MAY IT ROT IN THIS GRAVE!!!"

Once you have torn all of your clothes off, pile them up on the center of the grave, and then put on your new white clothes. As you do so, pray the 23rd Psalm or pray in your own words that your old life and condition is dead and buried in that grave, devoured by the spirit laid to rest there, and by donning your new white clothes, you are reborn, fresh and new, washed clean by the just hand of God. Anoint your pulse points, the back of your neck, your forehead and your feet with Fiery Protection Oil to keep any further negativity at bay.

Pour the entire bottle of whiskey on the grave saying, "Good spirit that lies here in, I thank you for cleansing this evil from me. May this whiskey quench your thirst and cool your spirit, and may the work you have done here for me elevate your soul and gain you the grace of our good Lord Jesus Christ. Rest in peace spirit and forever have my gratitude!"

Walk away from the graveyard and don't look back. Your curse has been removed and grounded down into the earth by the good spirit that helped you. You are dressed in spiritual armor of sparkling white new clothes and protected by Fiery Protection Oil. Sleep well that night, and the next day, you can go about your normal daily routine knowing that your condition has been uncrossed.

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