Monday, July 20, 2009

Attraction Spells for Love and Money

Two of the most important things for us in life are love and money. Both of them lend us a feeling of stability and in many ways we define our level of happiness according to how well we are doing financially, and whether or not we have love in our lives.

One of my earliest spiritual teachers once told me that the trick to getting money or love in life is to stop running after it, and instead, to become MAGNETIC - and to draw it to you through your own confidence and happiness. This little spiritual secret led to come up with several "Attraction Spells" - either for love or for money.

Attraction Spell to Draw Money
One of the interesting things about money is that your attitude can do everything to control whether you have it or don't. In many ways, money is energy - a symbol - and simply tweaking your attitude about that energy can redirect it to come to you over and over again. This spell works off of this concept.

First get your hands on a lodestone (a naturally occurring magnet). Wash it in whiskey to baptize it and then give it a name. Talk to it and tell it that it is going to work tirelessly to draw money into your life. Dress this lodestone with some Attraction Oil - so that it will draw money to your life.

Every night, take whatever spare cash you have out of your wallet and place it under the lodestone. Feed the lodestone with a pinch of magnetic sand and tell it to get more cash - explaining that it is sitting upon a pile of it. Leave your spare cash there for 24 hours at least.

Once the money has lived under that lodestone for a day, it has become magnetically charged and trained to seek out more money and attract it to you. You can then take it and spend it knowing that those bills are going out into the world and fetching more to return to you. Never leave the lodestone without some cash under it. I always leave a $100 bill under my lodestone no matter what. It never goes away. It's there to remind my lodestone of what it needs to go get for me at all times.

Attraction Spell to Draw Customers
Consistently-paying good customers are any business owner's dream come true. One of the best ways to get customers to keep coming back to your store is to magically trick it with Attraction products so they find themselves being magnetically drawn back over and over. This spell is something you can do every Friday as a good practice to keep money coming in (Friday being pay day after all).

Use a packet of Attraction Herb Bath to make up a strong infusion in a cup of hot water. Strain out the herbs and add it to a mop bucket with more water and a splash of ammonia in it. Now, while you pray strongly for God's help in making your place of business attractive to everyone who enters, and for them to spend their money freely, mop your store from the back to the front door. When you reach the threshold, take the bucket and mop outside and now mop from the sidewalk up to the front door of your business. This draws customers from outside, right into your store where they'll spend money hand over fist.

You can up the ante a bit by dropping a line of Attraction Powder under your front doormat so that as customers walk over it, they are affected by your magical intent.

Attract the object of your desires with a tricked love letter
Want to draw the man or woman that you fancy into your life? Attraction Powder is a great way to affect them without their knowledge, and draw them to your doorstep.

Write out a love letter to your beloved. Flip it over and dust the back of it with some Attraction Powder, all the while praying over it for her to be drawn to you like iron to a magnet. Take your four fingers and run the across the powder in wavy lines from top to bottom of the letter (toward you). Shake off the excess powder and then give the paper a flick with your finger to get the excess off. Fold up the letter and put it in the envelope and send it off to your lover.

When they open the letter, the powder will affect them and they'll be magnetically drawn to you like bees to honey, baby.

Bottle Spell to Attract a Lover to Your Home
Take a small, clean glass jar. Into it place a bit of your hair tied together with a bit of your lover's hair with a red thread. Add to the jar a lodestone dressed with Attraction Oil, with a pinch of magnetic sand to feed it, some Bo'Hog root (Lovage root), a spoon of sugar, rose petals and some Attraction Powder.

Cap off the jar and place a red candle dressed with Attraction oil on top of it, and burn it all the way down, seeing the power of the candle infusing and energizing the bottle spell - making your passion burn for one another. When the candle has burned itself out, interpret the wax drippings for signs, then burn the entire jar under your doorstep (or as near as possible to it). If you have no earth to bury your jar in, you can plant a small orange shrub, lavender plant or rose plant in a pot and put the bottle in the earth as you plant it. Set the container by your front door to grow.

The power of the herbs, the lodestones and the Attraction products will draw your lover to your front door in no time. Don't be surprised if he brings flowers or chocolates!


Anonymous said...

This is awesome, but I have a question for those of us running an internet based business. Are there anyways for us to "trick" our businesses? I realize the basically we are more esoteric.

It will be a long while before I have offices or store fronts.

Dr. E. said...

thewayi: Just treat your home as if it were your storefront. After all, your business IS home-based. That's what I do with my online business and it works like a charm.

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to stop by to say hello to a fellow conjure person. I love your blog especially on the loadstone work. I always leave a $100 under mine as well.

I was taught to use what you have but the more the better. Good to see people letting folks know that. Keep up the good work brother.

for the love of conjure,

Mrs. Ruby

Anonymous said...

I have some attraction oil can this also be anointed on a candle with your lover photo underneath a white saucer plate to bring him near?

Misses Jones

Unknown said...

How can I use this oil to become attractive to the opposite sex and will the results be permanent