Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Client Testimonial about Dr. E.'s Rootworking Consultations

The following testimonial was sent to me by one of my clients that I recently did some work for.

Dr. E's work on my behalf has been very successful. I had a problem with a jealous co-worker who excelled at ruining other people's reputation by spreading rumors and lies through a network of contacts she has developed through the years. These people do not work for her directly, so they do not know the true nature of her information. She decided to target me this year, which would have ruined me professionally and hurt my family through lost wages. I contacted Dr. E as soon as I found out she had started spreading her lies about my work and reputation.

He immediately began work on my behalf to protect my reputation from her gossip and slander. Since he did the work, the target has not spoken about me nor spread the usual rumors that she does. She only managed to "black ball" me with a couple of companies which tells me that his quick work stopped her in her tracks. She hasn't written about me on her blogs (my google searches have kept me informed on that front), nor has she sent me any nasty emails. This is great! I know her other venues are public appearances, blogs, on-line magazines, the trade papers, etc. There is a big trade show coming up that I am not attending and rumor has it the something has popped up that is keeping her from attending (thank you again, Dr. E). The damage she has done to others is far worse than she has been able to do to me (thanks to Dr. E's actions). I highly recommend Dr. E's work to help in situation that requires immediate intervention, as well as his wonderful product line that has help bring peace and prosperity into my life.

Maria Batista

If you'd like to hire Dr. E. for a Rootworking Consultation, simply visit his page of Magical Services and sign up today. Every Rootworking Consultation comes with a psychic reading conducted over the phone. At the end of the reading, Dr. E. will give you a quote for how much the required spell work will cost and all of the various parts involved in the rootwork.

*Dr. E. does not work break up spells or law keep away spells, nor will he do rootwork without a reading before to determine the best course of action. Dr. E. does not offer free spell advice, but you can hire him for Magical Counseling as part of a reading.

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