Friday, March 5, 2010

Mojo Bags - Your Hoodoo Secret Weapon

Mojo bags are a great way to carry magical influence on your body without any one else knowing; and the concealment is part of why they work so well. All too often, people are very eager to share that they are doing rootwork on a given situation. This is an unwise thing to do - you're essentially showing your cards to everyone else sitting at the table. Secrecy is key to really having magic work - and a mojo bag, secretly concealed in your pocket can give you powerful magical leverage to win out in any given situation.

Mojo bags are like little magical allies. Each is named, breathed to life and charged to work hard for you and only you. As you squeeze your mojo bag and call it by name, it quickly goes to work toward the goal for which it was created. Mojo bags can be created for love, money, luck, protection, domination, success, the possibilities are endles. Below I'll give you a few recipes for some great mojo bags you can make on your own as well as some that I offer on my site.

A Mojo Bag for Respect on the Job
All too often we work with a bunch of people we just don't like, or more commonly, who don't like us. This mojo bag gives you a powerful but subtle air of likability, drawing the admiration of your coworkers.

  • Master Root
  • Sampson Snake Root
  • Gravel Root

Put all three ingredients in a red flannel bag, dress it with Good Job Oil and carry it in your pocket while at work. You'll gain the admiration and respect of your coworkers and a much greater sense of job security.

If you're looking to get a great-paying, steady job in the first place then one excellent time-tested mojo is my Get A Job Mojo Bag. It comes with its own bottle of Good Job Oil. Carry it when looking for work and especially when at an interview.

Mojo Bag for Gambling Luck
Gambling luck mojo bags are some of my favorites. They always have the most interesting magical curios inside, often employing animal parts, coins, minerals, all matter of items. Below is a hot-hitting gambling mojo bag. This mojo will give you a hot winning streak, but you need to be careful because once your streak is done, you need to take your winnings and walk away!

  • Ginger Root
  • 1 Silver Dime
  • 1 Whole Nutmeg
  • 1 Lucky Hand Root
  • 1 Chunk of Pyrite
The ginger root is what makes this mojo hot - it hits hot and goes through a fast streak, then it dies quickly. The silver dime is a powerful luck curio - especially if it is from a leap year. A whole nutmeg works effectively to draw money especially from games of chance. Lucky hand root gives you fortunate outcomes and good luck with anything you can grab with your hands
including dice, cards, etc. Pyrite is a powerful success and money drawing curio, and the lodestone draws money and winnings your way. Put all of these items in a green flannel bag with a four-leaf clover charm sewn to the outside. Tie it up and feed it Fast Luck Oil or Hoytt's Cologne to activate it and get it burning hot.

I craft a more complex version of this mojo bag that doesn't hit hard and fast like the one above, but is more likely to give consistent winnings over a longer period of time. Look for the Triple Luck Mojo Bag on for a consistently-performing gambling luck mojo bag.

A Simple but Powerful Mojo Bag for Protection
This is a scaled-down version of my own Fiery Wall of Protection Mojo Bag. If you want to try crafting your own mojo bags, it's a good one to try out on your own to learn the practice. This mojo bag takes advantage of dragon's blood as a fiery type of personal protection, burning up anything evil that's sent at you, and burning the person who sent it your way!

  • Chunk of Dragon's Blood
  • Angelica Root
  • Rue
The dragon's blood, as I mentioned before, uses fiery energy to deflect anything negative sent at you. Angelica root is a great herb to use for protection as it carries a very angelic, high-vibration energy that obliterates anything negative that dares go near it. Rue is a classically employed herb to deflect The Evil Eye (other people's jealousy and hatred) as well as negative entities. Put all three ingredients in a white flannel bag. Feed the mojo bag with Fiery Wall of Protection Oil to keep it strong and carry it on you whenever you desire protection.

A Mojo Bag for Love
Ah, love. We all want it, and finding the right person is so elusive. This mojo bag works to draw Mr. or Miss Right your way! It employs the use of roots for powerful magical action (instead of flowers or leaves). The trick with this mojo bag is that you customize it according to whether you'd like to draw a male or female mate - read the ingredients below carefully.

I personally love combining minerals and roots - it's the one-two punch that hoodoo is really known for. This mojo bag is no exception. First we use two of the most powerful roots for love: High John the Conqueror or Queen Elizabeth Root. Both work to draw a lover - it just depends on which gender you seek to draw. Don't worry about your own sexual orientation - just ask "what do I want to draw?" For example, straight women seeking to draw a man would use Queen Elizabeth Root. So, too, would gay men seeking to draw a man. Next, we use lovage root - to make it a committed loving relationship, not just a fling. Finally, we use a Lodestone (a natural magnet) to draw that lover to you and attract them into your life. The Magnetic Sand is just a pinch tossed into the bag to feed the Lodestone so that it works hard for you. Put all of these items in a red flannel bag along with one of your hairs. Tie it off and feed it True Love Oil once a week to keep it working strong.

My True Love Mojo Bag is a recipe that employs more curios, herbs and roots than the recipe above, and works amazingly well. I carried it myself to bring my true love to me and we've been together almost three years now. The True Love Mojo Bag works best in conjunction with my Three-Part Love Spell.


Robyn said...

Thank you so much for posting all of these!

lewis said...

Thank you for posting these! Quick question about lovage root, is that to draw a lover of the opposite sex or can it be used in same sex bags too? What is an alternative if loveage is for the opposite sex? Thank you Dr. E!!

Dr. E. said...

Lewis: Lovage root is for committed love. It will work for either opposite or same-sex couples.

Dominic Gomes said...

Can you post a recipie for a mojo bag for personal power and oversall success?