Monday, June 13, 2011

Making a Rootworking Appointment with Dr. E.

Every rootworker sets appointments with their clients a bit differently and it is very common for folks to email me asking me how to set an appointment with me for rootwork - so I decided to write a blog entry on my process. It's important to understand that rootworkers are independent contractors. We are not all part of a union and we don't all run our businesses the same way. The other thing to keep in mind is that many of us are extremely busy. Not to be rude, but many clients think they are our only customer and that they are our number one priority. The best thing to do when working with a rootworker is to take their advice, be patient and let them handle the situation.

Step 1: Pay BEFORE Pray
I personally do not set an appointment until my client has paid for a Rootworking consultation through my site. Pay first. Then I send out a list of available time slots. I am typically booked out three weeks in advance. I do NOT do emergency rootwork. I do NOT do time-sensitive rootwork. I will NOT move your appointment to the front of the line for additional payment. That's not the way I operate my business. The reason I don't take your appointment until after you've paid is that I end up with a bunch of "saved" time slots for clients who end up not paying, and then cancel at the last minute and everyone else who HAS paid ends up getting pushed back - not to mention my personal life is on hold because of those empty time slots.

Step 2: I E-Mail You
Once you've paid for a consultation I will email you with a list of available time slots and I will ask for your telephone number. Please do not email me with a summary of your case, or with a follow up email saying "Hi I just paid for a consultation and I want to set my appointment time." because it won't help. I have a set email response that is generated and goes out to you with appointment slots in it. Respond to that email and remember to include your phone number, so that you can nab that first open time slot.

Step 3: I Will Call You
Once we have an agreed appointment time, I will call you for your rootworking consultation. Consultations take about 30-40 minutes. They include a tarot reading and a discussion of your situation as well as determining the best course of magical action. This can include spells I cast on your behalf, or baths I send to you for you to take, or mojo bags, etc. At the end of the consultation I'll have a quote for how much the rootwork will cost. I cannot give you a quote ahead of time. Pricing is completely dependent on the complexity of your case and solution.

Step 4: Pay for Rootwork
Once I have determined your solution and its price I will email you a Paypal Money Request for you to fulfill payment. I do not accept any other forms of payment - please don't ask to send a money order or a check. Paypal only. Period. Once you've paid, there may be some photos or items I ask you to send me - go ahead and send those.

Step 5: Relax, Stop Worrying, Let Magic Happen
I take over at this point. Your rootwork will be done at the best magical timing determined by astrology and my spirits' advice. Your job is to chill out and stop thinking about the rootwork I am doing. The sooner you can take your mind off of it, the faster the magic will work for you. I do tell my clients that they can email me up to three times after the consultation and I'll get back to them with details about how the working is going, but use them judiciously. After those three emails I can't guarantee I'll get back to you as I have many clients I'm assisting at once.

Step 6: Photos are Emailed
I email photos to my clients as proof of the work being completed. These are usually emailed long after the spell is complete. I do this so you stop obsessing about your case and about the magic, and also as proof that the work has been done and that I am an ethical rootworker. Other rootworkers ask you to take their word that the work was done. That's how it works. I operate in one-off, problem based spell casting. I do not work on retainer over extended periods of time. I work on your one spell and then we are done.

To Hire Dr. E. for a Rootwork Consultation
If you are interested in hiring me to do rootwork on your behalf, you can do so by visiting my site and signing up for a Rootworking Consultation. Remember I'm typically booked out three weeks in advance. I look forward to helping you with your situation! God bless.

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