Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Evil BEGONE! Hoodoo Products to Break Habits and Addictions

Evil BEGONE! Products are Dr. E.'s version of the traditional hoodoo formula known as "Run Devil Run."  Evil BEGONE! Products are perfect for driving away evil influences, breaking bad habits and beating addictions. Powerful cleansing herbs like eucalyptus help give Evil BEGONE! Products their power to blast away evil and keep your clean and sober.

Dr. E. Products' Line of Evil BEGONE! Products

Dr. E. offers a full line of Evil BEGONE! Products for your hoodoo needs. To learn more about how to use the products read the Evil BEGONE! Hoodoo Products and Hoodoo Spells page at

Evil Begone! Herb Bath
Take Evil Begone! Herb Baths prior to doing an Evil Begone Spell to drive away evil influences. It will boost your personal power and cleanse you of any evil. You can also take Evil Begone baths when you are trying to kick and addiction and need to keep sober. You can also use Evil Begone! Herb Bath as a floor wash to mop the floor and clean up any evil cursing powders someone may have laid for you to walk through. Evil Begone! Herb Bath will neutralize the evil influence of those powders.

Evil Begone! Oil
Use Evil Begone! Oil on white candles and burn them to help you overcome addiction and beat bad habits. You can also dab Evil Begone! Oil on items that you think may be cursed. Dab some Evil Begone! Oil on your doorknob in case you think someone has tricked it. This oil will neutralize the evil.

Evil Begone! Powder
Use Evil Begone! Powder to sprinkle on top of any cursing powders someone may have sprinkled as a trap for you to walk through. The powder will neutralize the evil of those cursing powders and make them safe to clean up. You can also roll white candles through Evil Begone! Powder and burn them to help combat addiction and stave off any cravings you may have.

Evil Begone! Mojo Bag
An Evil Begone! Mojo Bag is the perfect charm to carry when you are trying to stay sober and fight off addiction. It will trip up any evil influences within you to make sure you don't fall victim to your cravings. An Evil Begone! Mojo Bag is also good to carry to make sure you aren't hit by any evil influences from a magical attack.

Evil Begone! Candle - Setting of Lights
If you cannot burn any candles in your own home, let Dr. E. do it for you! With my Evil Begone! Candle - Setting of Lights Service, I will dress, bless and burn an Evil Begone! Candle for you to help you overcome any bad habits, conquer addictions or to drive away evil influences. Once your candle is done burning, we will email you a candle burn report with the results and interpretations of the candle's burn.

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