Friday, July 12, 2013

Women's Power Products and Spell Ideas

"I am woman, hear me roar!" Boost your female power and your self-confidence with Women's Power Hoodoo Products by Dr. E. Products. Women's Power is a hoodoo formula for condition oils, herb baths, powders, mojo bags and candles designed to boost a woman's personal power so that she can walk tall and proud, command the respect of others (in particular men who do not respect women) and to help her recover from any painful or difficult times in her life.

Dr. E.'s Hoodoo Women's Power Products and Women's Power Spells

Women's Power Oil ($7.00) - Dab some Women's Power Oil on your wrists and behind each ear before going to work to boost your personal power, command the respect of male co-workers and to make you a pleasure to work with. Women's Power Oil has a lovely light rosy scent that will go well with most perfumes, but test it out before blending it with your favorite scent.

Women's Power Sachet Powder ($5.00) - Blend Women's Power Sachet Powder with your talcum powder or foot powder before using it. You will surround your body with female power and walk in your personal strength and confidence all day long. You can also dust business cards with Women's Power Sachet Powder before handing them to difficult men you work with. Once they touch them they will be overcome with your female power and be more flexible and willing to work with you.

Women's Power Herb Bath ($4.00) - Take a bath with Women's Power Herb Bath before performing any Women's Power spells to boost your personal power and increase your spell's success. Take a course of 7 or 9 baths using Women's Power Herb Bath after a traumatic period of your life to recover your personal power and confidence. You can also use Women's Power Herb Bath as a sprinkle to encircle any candles you burn for your own confidence.

Women's Power Mojo Bag ($30.00)- Carry a Women's Power Mojo Bag with you after enduring a difficult period in your life. It will boost your self-confidence and help you recover from the traumatic experiences you endured. It is also good to carry a Women's Power Mojo Bag if you work in an environment with men who are discriminating against women. It will help you walk with your head held high and to garner their respect in time.

Women's Power Setting of Lights ($25.00) - Can't burn candles in your own home? Let Dr. E. do it for you. Dr. E. offers a Women's Power - Setting of Lights service. We'll dress, bless and pray a candle for you in your name to help boost your personal power, restore your strength as a woman and help you gain the respect of others.

Learn More About Women's Power Hoodoo Products and Women's Power Hoodoo Spells

To learn more about Women's Power hoodoo products and Women's Power Hoodoo Spells, visit Dr. E.'s Women's Power Products Page on his website

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