Thursday, September 11, 2008

Lodestones to Draw Money

One of the best spells you can perform to consistently draw money to your home or business is a lodestone spell using Money Draw products. This type of spell work uses the magic of natural magnets - lodestones - to "draw" prosperity into your home.

Lodestones are unique in that they are chunks of iron that have become magnetized through natural forces. They are treated as living being in hoodoo, are considered powerful magical allies and are treated with great respect. But how does a chunk of iron become magnetized in nature? The answer is simple and powerful - lightning! Lightning, is one of the most powerful and destructive forces in nature. These huge charges of electricity actually polarize the chunks of iron that are close to the surface of the earth where the bolts land, and thus breathe life into these stones. It is also interesting to note that lightning is associated with several of the African gods that the slaves who were brought to America worshipped, and as such, these lodestones carry the sacred signature, the life force, the "ashe" of these deities within them. It is no wonder that they were used by the first root doctors that came to the States. This lore was lost over time, as African root workers and their descendants converted to Christianity, but the magical power of these objects was continually respected and used effectively.

In order to set up a lodestone spell to draw money, the first thing you need to do is baptize it using whiskey. Clean the stone with a few splashes of the alcohol while praying over it. Give the lodestone a unique name and consecrate it in "the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost." From now on, speak to your lodestone by its given name.

Next, you'll need a $100 bill. (A $20 will suffice, but if you really want to see your prosperity take off, you should aim higher with a $100 bill.) Sign your name under the treasurer's name. Lay the $100 bill in a small saucer. Then you want to dress your lodestone with Money Draw Oil. Put a few drops on your fingers and rub down the entire stone with it while speaking to your new ally. In your own words, tell it to draw money into the house (or business), to continue to attract money, that money loves you and that money stays with you. Once you have sufficiently dressed the stone and given it its assignment, lay it on top of the $100 bill in the dish. Speak to it explaining that it is to bring more of "that" (the $100 bill) into your home.

The final step is to "feed" the lodestone so that it can effectively to its work. Give it a pinch of magnetic sand explaining "I'm giving you this pinch of magnetic sand so you are strong and so that you will work hard for me by drawing money into my home (or business)!" Magnetic sand is merely iron filings, but they work to feed the lodestone so that it can effectively accomplish its duty.

Every day, talk to your lodestone, tell it to bring you more money, and give it a pinch of magnetic sand so that it can accomplish its work. Once the lodestone is so covered in magnetic sand that it can no longer adhere to the surface of the stone, then merely dust all of the magnetic sand off and collect it in a container. You can then reuse the magnetic sand to continue your spell indefinitely.

For a business, you can even place the lodestone in your cash register and feed it every day with a pinch of magnetic sand. You can also lay it on top of a $100 bill for the best results.

Much prosperity to you!
-Dr. E.


Anonymous said...

Hello! I have a lodestone that I'm working with for money. I didn't know about the whisky and haven't dressed the stone with money oil. I have dressed the $20 bill that I set it on with money oil. I sprinkle sand on it (when I remember.) Do you think I should wash off the sand and dress the stone with oil at this point, or just keep working with it this way?

Dr. E. said...

I would recommend dusting the sand off of the lodestone, baptising it with whiskey, naming it, and then dressing it with a money draw oil of some variety. You can certainly use your $20 bill as is. And then just set that lodestone on top of the $20 and every day, talk to it and give it a pinch of magnetic sand. (Note, magnetic sand is not regular sand, it is actually iron filings.)

Anonymous said...

Yes, I have the magnetic sand and hoodoo money oil.

Now, I'm not so much a whisky drinker though! I've got vodka, tequila, and some bottles of Midori and Kahlua. What about red wine? Will the lodestone be happy with a nice zinfandel? : )

Livia Indica said...

Would using a hematite stone in conjunction with the lodestone be beneficial?

Dr. E. said...

Wine is not appropriate for baptizing the lodestone - it needs to be hard liquor. Traditionally whiskey is used. You can always go to a liquor store and buy a tiny bottle of it (like the kind they give out on airplanes) for this magical working.

And to answer the question about hematite: no. Gemstones are not traditionally used in hoodoo. The magic of the lodestone is in its magnetic pull. Hematite is non-magnetic, and if it IS magnetized, it has usually been made magnetic through synthetic means. What we want here are naturally magnetized pieces of iron ore dug up out of the earth.

Unknown said...

Hi, what color magnetic sand would best work for this? I am in the process of purchasing magnetic sand but I'm not sure of what color to buy. I see black, silver and gold. Thank you

Dr. E. said...

Just use regular black magnetic sand. The rest of them are all gimmicks.

Unknown said...

Hi, I soaked a lodestone in whiskey and left it over night. I took it out and left it in my altar to dry. Should I baptize it now, how would I go by this?

Thank you.

Dr. E. said...

Gwen, if you read the post more carefully you'll see that you do NOT soak the loadstone in whiskey. Wash it with a few splashes of whiskey and then pray over it to baptise it. This is a very simple ceremony. Do not overthink it or over complicate it.

Anonymous said...

Hi, can lodestones be used to draw a specific amount of money like $100,000?

Mama E. said...

I suggest not to limit the amount of money you desire to a certain amount. Tell the stone to bring you lots of money without a specific amount.