Wednesday, December 2, 2009

New Products! Follow Me Boy and Follow Me Girl Oils!

Announcing two new blends in the Dr. E. Products line of hoodoo condition oils. Follow Me Boy Oil and Follow Me Girl Oil!

Both of these blends are formulated with a combination of powerful commanding and domination herbs along with some love herbs to hook your mate into loving you, being under your control and on a VERY short leash!

This condition oil blends together the commanding power of Calamus with the man-attracting powers of Queen Elizabeth Root and other powerful herbs to keep your man in love with you and under your control. Stop his wandering eyes, stop his philandering and his sneaking out once and for all with Follow Me Boy Oil. This condition oil is also traditionally used to feed a Nation Sack - a special kind of mojo bag used by women to tie their man's nature, keep him under control and have the upper hand in the relationship.

This oil combines the commanding power of Calamus Root along with domination herbs like High John the Conqueror and love roots including Sampson Snake Root, to hook your woman and keep her by your side. End the mind games and manipulation. Stop her screwing around with other guys. Take control of your relationship with the aid of this hoodoo condition oil.

Both blends are now available at - check them out today!


Unknown said...

Are there certain spells that make these oils work or do you just add them to your partner's shampoo or body wash?

Dr. E. said...

Hi Dianne, you can certainly add these products to any of their body cleansing products, or you can use them on candles, to feed mojo bags, anything. The possibilities are endless.