Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Speedy Honey Jar for a Court Case

Speeding up a Honey Jar
Honey Jar workings are known for taking a slow but steady approach to a problem. They sweeten the parties involved to think favorably toward you and they gently break down their defenses until they are fighting for your cause (or drawing toward you in the case of love honey jars). But in general, they aren't a very "quick" type of working, but I added a few magic ingredients to make this one fast. In this case I used cayenne pepper and petitioned St. Expedite.

Using a Honey Jar to Speed Up a Court Case
I was recently approached by a client to speed up the arrest and trial of a known child molester. In addition to some powerful workings to put him in prison using a doll baby (to be featured in a future posting), I decided to take a sweeter gentler approach with the parties involved. One of the unique issues around this case was that there were family members supporting the child molester who were telling the authorities that the case was a fraud and that the children accusing him of molesting them were lying to get back at their mother.

In order to get the district attorney, Child Protective Services, the detective on the case and the trauma counselor to get on the side of the children, I employed a honey jar spell (seen here). IN the honey jar, I included slips of paper for each of the parties I wanted affected (including the defending lawyer) - to sweeten them to my client's side of the case. I also added some Court Case Root (to win the trial), some tobacco (to win a trial), some black mustard seeds (to confuse and trip up the opposing side's lawyers), some deerstongue (for eloquence in the trial), a High John the Conqueror (to conquer the trial), some licorice root (to control the parties involved and make them act on the accusations quickly) and a pinch of cayenne pepper (to heat up the proceedings and get the trial MOVING). I set the jar on a saucer covered in Court Case Powder for added power.

Additionally, I started by burning red candles over the jar, inscribed with "Arrest (the child molester's name), start the trial NOW!" dressed with Court Case Oil and Fast Luck Oil. And I petitioned St. Expedite to quickly get the investigation going, to apprehend the child molester and to get the trial started so that no more children will suffer.

St. Expedite
St. Expedite works whenever you need things done FAST! He is typically petitioned by offering him his "due pay" in exchange: A piece of pound cake and a glass of water. He was a Roman soldier and as such he worked for pay - not just for glory. He is never petitioned for evil causes, as he is a saint and will only work for good. In this case, stopping a child molester is one of the best things for the community and the children involved, so I felt justified in calling on his assitance. Always employ an image of St. Expedite when working with him. It doesn't have to be anything fancy, but you want his image to be there. I also like using Saint Expedite Oil on my candles when I petition him.

Once the child molester is arrested, I will pay St. Expedite his piece of pound cake and a glass of water and then I'll switch over to brown candles carved with "(Child Molester's Name) is judged guilty, Life in prison" and dress them with Court Case Oil and Success and Eloquence Oil, applying them weekly until the case is tried and the man is convicted.


Carolina Dean said...

Wow that's some heavy magic you're working there. I'm sure you'll be successful in getting this pervert off the street.

Please let us know when he is arrested and his ultimate fate.

Carolina Dean

Unknown said...

Can I still use the honey jar during the waning of the moon even though I started using it during the waxing phase of the moon?

sonia said...

I will like to know what can I do to have my husband come out of hail already any comments or recipe for honey jars.

Jenni D. said...

Wow! That some powerful stuff you're working. I'd love to know what the outcome is. Hope the s.o.b gets put under the prison.


See he knows the logic and the art and science to the way it functions. Great detail in explaining and being honest and real...There is no faking in him. I appreciate how he brings the truth in his hands to educated and show u a few spells and how its done, that's good business...The man knows his SHIT! excuse my French, very knowledgeable. Thank Papa U pa'


Awesome Info...This guy knows his shit! no joke! I try'd this...and I swear I was like ...I don't believe in this crap! Made me a Believer man!...Actuallu scared me how fast it works. My Girl is all over me and not just that past girlfriends are like pop'n up. Just had two of them from school searching for on FB...Crazy! but some Weird shit!!! DUDE I TAKE MY HAT OF TO YOU,YOUR KNOWLEDGE AND HUMBLENESS AND HONESTY IS REAL. Trust me...The price of ur produce is well worth it and it works not like these other fakers! Ashe pa'ti mi hermano!

Unknown said...

I have a court date coming up on Jan. 8, 2015. I don't want to have to register my name again so I can clear my name, also I would like to get an probono lawyer to appeal my case. Can I use a honey jar? This judge and the state's attorney did me very wrong, and I just want my name back.